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Nothing stops a Dotz Survival Crunch

The onomatopoetic name “Crunch” says it all: And when the off-road experts from Dotz Survival name their latest six-spoke rim after this special noise, they certainly don’t refer to an expensive limousine crunching gravel while driving in front of an English manor.

With the new Crunch, hardcore off-roaders will not suffer from any bad conscience when driving through sand, mud and rubble without ever even thinking of a cloth and wheel cleanser. Triangular openings with chamfered corners and the “solid” spoke connection lend the wheel a very massive effect and a great performance.

For most 4WDs, however, the three available sizes suffice, especially since there are both five and six-hole connections available.

The wheel’s massive impression is not deceptive when it comes to technical qualities. The Dotz Survival Crunch is a real heavy-duty wheel and doesn’t have to be handled with kid gloves. Its H2 humps prevent the tyre from slipping of the wheel even in extreme situations.

If you are aesthetically minded, just look at the horn and hub, both polished. Decorative bores in the hub area give the wheel even a sporty touch. With so much “silverware”, you may for sure be an eye-catcher in front of the afore-mentioned English manor.

DOTZ Crunch

Technical Data 8,0x16 8,0x17 8,0x18
5/114,3 ET 25/35 ** ET 20/35 ET 35
5/120 ET 35 ET 35 ET 35
5/127 ET 35 ET 35 ET 35
6/114,3 ET 30 ET 30 ET 30
6/139,7 ET 20/35 ET 20/35 ET 20/35

*        PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter
**      ET = Offset
***    BLPO = Black/polished