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For drivers made of steel: the Dotz Dakar in high gloss or dark

For over 30 years “the Dakar” has been considered the queen of rallies: people and technology are pushed to the limits in this gruelling and risky marathon event so that the pilots have to be made “of steel”. This material is not only a metaphor but also the metal of choice for the designer wheel Dakar from the Dotz Survival product line.

Because, ultimately, this robust 4x4 rim is aimed at genuine off-road enthusiasts who permanently push their equipment through gravel, mud, sand, dirt and certainly don’t handle it with kid gloves. Only those who manage, like the Dakar, to take all these strains in their stride but still come out looking good can unconditionally win the heart of this demanding target group. Their dream wheel should be easy to clean and, naturally, it should also put on a good appearance. With dyed-in-the-wool off-road vehicles distinctively following a more classic line than SUVs and some successful models having been manufactured for decades, the Dakar features a timeless design. Instead of being just trendy, it gleams with a robust and puristic look in the same way that expensive tools radiate high-quality.

The outstanding quality of the workmanship carried out in the company’s own manufacturing plant in Switzerland contributes to this impression. There, all surfaces are carefully deburred in order to increase the structural stability of the wheel and to ensure an immaculate application of paint. This means that neither the adversities of the terrain nor the road salt and grit of the winter road services can find any weak points: to test this, Dotz Survival put the Dakar through a challenging salt spray test. The high-quality high gloss finish does not just protect the steel rims, but also makes them sparkle like a jewel – whether you are under the Saharan sun or parading through Berlin, London, Paris or Rome. Adventurers who like a touch of bad boy can obtain the wheel as Dakar dark (7.0 x16 inch only) in black, matt paintwork. A perfect choice for an expedition to the Dark Continent.

DOTZ Dakar

Technical Data 6,0x15 7,0x15 8,0x15 7,0x16 7,0x17
5/114,3   ET 5   ET 13, 30, 36  
5/130       ET 40  
5/139,7 ET 0 ** ET -12 ET -35 ET 0  
5/165,1       ET 8  
6/114,3         ET 30
6/139,7   ET 12 ET -30 ET -20,13,24,30,36 ET 20

*        PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter
**      ET = Offset
***    HG = High Gloss