8x16 / 8x17 / 8,5x18

The desert is quaking DOTZ Hammada – the wheel for rough terrain

With “Hammada”, the Arab describes rocky deserts – and thus precisely the terrain in which tough guys and cars are needed: A Jeep Wrangler, a Land Rover Defender, a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Nissan Patrol or a G Class by Mercedes.

No “softy” SUV, but rather, a true off-roader. For these vehicles, DOTZ offers a new, extremely sturdy, massive five-spoke wheel. And this bears the name, Hammada – because it not only fits perfectly to powerful off-road vehicles in terms of its appearance. On this massive rim, the Jeep or the Landrover roll through thick and thin, through sludge, mud and rubble.

And when the off-roader and the Hammada become really dirty, they show together that real work ennobles.

DOTZ Hammada

Technical Data 8,0x16 8,0x17 8,5x18
5/114,3 25 ** 20  
5/127   35 35
5/139,7 0 0 0
6/114,3 20 30 30
6/139,7 0,20,35 0,20,35 0,20,35

*        PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter
**      ET = Offset
***    SI = Silver