6x15 / 7x16

Dotz Pharao – off road on the shoulders of kings

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs forced their servants to carry them in sedan chairs. It is vice versa with the "Pharao" rim from the 2010 Dotz 4x4 portfolio. This robust wheel moves effortlessly even under heavy loads and carries smaller ATVs such as the Lada Niva or KIA Sportage across wastelands, rivers and deserts. Such hard work has been honoured by the grand and resplendent look of this attractive wheel. Obviously, the material is not bronze that was highly popular in antiquity – neither it is one of the lighter metals commonly used for designer rims, today. The highly resilient "Pharao" is made of 100% steel and is sturdy enough for even the toughest off-road duty. A high-quality coating offers reliable protection against corrosion, giving dirt, sand and grit no chance. Less exotic is the wheel's production site. However, the Dotz factory in Switzerland stands for uncompromising quality and the metal, shaped and deburred with the utmost precision, guarantees maximum solidity.

Available in 6 x 15 and 7 x 16 inches, this steel wheel is perfect for off-road vehicles with a small wheel arch and/or a high offset. Its timeless design makes it a perfect match for classic 4x4 cars, too. The engineers even gave a lot of thought to the construction of the hub caps. They are not only available in different sizes, but also in an open version for ATVs with manual freehubs. All this makes the "Pharao" the true king of off-road.

DOTZ Pharao

Technical Data 6,0x15 7,0x16
PCD * SI *** SI
5/139,7 ET 45 **  
6/139,7   38

*        PCD = Pitch Circle Diameter
**      ET = Offset
***    SI = Silver