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DOTZ 4x4 - off-road rims

Rims for individualists, adventurer and real offroaders.

The all-wheel adventure usually starts where most others have long given up. This, however, also means stress for man and material. With DOTZ 4x4, you are on the safe side when it comes to rims. We guarantee certified high-quality products from Europe.

Preparation is key

To be best equipped for your off-road tours and not having to switch to SUVIVAL mode in the first place, we’re offering a large selection of strong rims for extreme situations. With DOTZ 4x4, you can choose from a wide range of heavy-duty 4x4 rims.

The DOTZ 4x4 production sites and competence centres are in charge of development, production, acquisition, logistics and product marketing. All wheels come with original equipment quality and short-term availability.

In addition, all DOTZ 4x4 products are certified according to strict European quality standards. So you can be sure that each rim is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also meets the highest safety and performance standards.

Discover the world of DOTZ 4x4, where individuality and quality go hand in hand. Use our rim configurator to try out your personal off-road rims and make your vehicle a unique eye-catcher on any terrain.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to the rim configurator and find your favourite off-road rim.

Take a deeper look in the unique DOTZ 4x4 Technology!

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